William Randolph Hearst was an inquisitive child who at a very early age showed a keen interest in fine arts. Beginning at the age of 10, he spent 18 months with his mother making the Grand Tour of Europe. Phoebe Apperson Hearst’s own collecting activities sparked her son’s interest in art and antiques. It was the beginning of a lifetime of collecting. This successful publisher and film producer collected tapestries, paintings, architectural elements, furnishings, plus a myriad of other artistic and beautiful things. Most of these artifacts were antiques, but many furnishings were contemporary to Hearst’s time. In collaboration with architect Julia Morgan, they embarked on the long term building project of what is now known as Hearst Castle™.

Wonder & Mystique

It took 27 years to build and furnish the estate which is situated in the hills of San Simeon on a crest of the Santa Lucia Mountains overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Three guesthouses, known as “A” house, or Casa del Mar, guesthouse “B”, or Casa del Monte and guesthouse “C” or Casa del Sol were built first. The main building, dubbed Casa Grande was completed last. Construction slowed in 1937 and stopped in 1951 when Hearst died at the age of 88. The Castle was never completed but remains today for all to enjoy.

Pindler was fortunate to be given access to the vast and diverse collections and archives of fine decorative arts collected by William Randolph Hearst. Inspired by art and antiques of the Castle, we are proud to feature our Exclusive Hearst Castle™ Collection. This exquisite collection is reflective of the grandeur, luxury, wonder and mystique of this famous castle nestled in the hills above the California coast.

Pindler is excited to continue telling the story of Hearst’s passion for all things beautiful with the new additions to the Hearst Castle™ Collection. This collection is a beautiful assortment of designs with the timeless elegance and lavishness of the Hearst Castle™. This exclusive collection includes 59 SKU’s and is a fabulous grouping of drapery, upholstery & cut velvet patterns constructed in the finest fibers and woven all over the world.

A portion of the proceeds from this collection goes to the preservation of the property, which is dedicated to preserving and interpreting the areas of historic architecture, landscapes, and decorative arts.

Featured Fabrics:

5508-Splendore is an Exclusive Hearst Castle™ design inspired by the silk jacquard damask used as a wall covering in the sitting room in “C” house. This room shows Hearst’s interest in Spanish influences. Our interpretation of Splendore is simplified, focusing on one elegant element, beautifully embroidered on a linen ground.

4780-Elysian is an Exclusive Hearst Castle™ design inspired by a 19th century hand carved throne chair with tooled, painted, and gilt leather upholstery. This spectacular piece was found in the Hearst Castle archives. Our interpretation is a gorgeous multicolor embroidered floral vine given dimension with appliqued cording, embroidered onto a beautiful linen ground.

5510-Ornatezza is an Exclusive Hearst Castle’ design inspired by a 17th century Spanish polychrome gilt woodcarving of a figure of a Saint acquired in 1926, located in the North Wing second floor bedroom in Hearst Castle. Our interpretation is an appliqued velvet embroidered onto a linen ground to achieve an elegant, modern, and classic icon.