The Seaside Collection follows a series of unique, successful and visible textile collection collaborations between Pindler, Sunbrella and Richard Frinier, including: Maison et Jardin and the award-winning Origins and Caravan performance textile collections. This partnership is based in a shared philosophy of understanding and respecting the design community and its need for exclusivity and customization by consistently meeting and exceeding expectations with original and inspired designs, leading innovation and superior customer service.


The newest offering to emerge from Pindler, Sunbrella® and celebrated designer Richard Frinier is The Seaside Collection named for the many iconic and romantic coastal destinations and locales around the world that served as inspiration for these distinctively beautiful and exceptionally executed performance textiles. Speaking to his creative process in conceptualizing The Seaside Collection, Richard Frinier imparts that, “As a native Southern Californian, I have lived in and around a coastal region for all of my life and I have also traveled extensively around the world, so I am naturally drawn to seaside destinations and lifestyles.” Adding, “Whether you are on the western, eastern or southern coastlines of America or visiting the Cote Azur of France or island hopping in the Caribbean, Hawaii or Southeast Asia, there is an inherent allure to seaside cities and resort villages that beckons us to come closer and then compels us to linger, leaving a lasting mark on our memories and in our hearts long after we have returned home.”

The designer has creatively captured this strong emotional appeal and experience in The Seaside Collection from the Richard Frinier Collection for Sunbrella® available exclusively through Pindler. Softly contrasting and tonal-textured constructions, contemporized classic patterns and sun-washed color ways reflecting the best of global seascapes come together to create and incredibly easy array of richly styled and complementary fabrics to design, decorate and accent any indoor/outdoor living space wherever the authentic essence of seaside resort living may be desired.